Birte Forstmann

I am a Full Professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), Professor for Neuroscientific Testing of Psychological Models at Leiden University, and honorary group leader of the integrative model-based cognitive neuroscience (IMCN) group at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, The Netherlands. I received my Ph.D. in 2006 at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany. My main research interest is in model-based cognitive neuroscience.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/profiel/f/o/b.u.forstmann/b.u.forstmann.html

Anneke Alkemade

I am an assistant professor and have a background in human neuroanatomy, specialising in the subcortex. My work is focused on providing neuroanatomical information that will help improve our understanding of the role of deep brain structures in behaviour. To this end, I study both living and post mortem brains using ultra-high field qMRI and various microscopic techniques.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/profiel/a/l/j.m.alkemade/j.m.alkemade.html

Senior scientists, Postdocs & PhD students

Pilou Bazin

I am a senior scientist focussing on neuroimaging of the subcortex. My work combines ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging with computational neuroanatomy in order to better understand the interplay of structure, connectivity and physiology of the subcortex in shaping human behavior.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/b/a/p.l.e.a.bazin/p.l.e.a.bazin.html

Russell Boag

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Integrative Model-based Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit at the University of Amsterdam. My research uses computational cognitive models to understand latent cognitive processes that drive observed behavior. My current focus is on using cognitive models as a link between behavioral (choice-RT) and neural (fMRI) data streams, and on developing models that integrate multiple cognitive systems (e.g., learning, memory, decision making) into a single unified framework. My broader interests include applying cognitive models to more realistic task environments and using them to understand applied problems in a range of different fields (e.g., clinical neuroscience, human factors). I am currently investigating the neural basis of reinforcement learning, decision making, and working memory systems, with a focus on subcortical structures.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/b/o/r.j.boag/r.j.boag.html

Max Keuken

I am a postdoc focusing on the role of cortico-subcortical networks and their involvement in decision-making processes. To this end, I combine structural and functional ultra-high field MRI with cognitive models. My broader research interest revolves around the link between structure and function of the human brain.

Reilly Innes

I am a postdoc with a background in cognitive psychology and decision modeling. I am interested in joint modeling of human decision-making processes by combining behavioral and neural data. My research interests also involve cognitive workload and developing modeling techniques.

Steven Miletić

I work with sequential sampling models, reinforcement learning, and ultra-high field fMRI to study decision-making and learning processes in the human brain, with a focus on subcortex
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/m/i/s.miletic/s.miletic.html

Scott Isherwood

I am a PhD student co-supervised by Dr. Pierre-Louis Bazin (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands). I am interested in model-based cognitive neuroscience with a strong focus on the human subcortex.

Bethany Isaacs

I am a PhD student in the clinical neurosciences and am co-supervised by Yasin Temel (Maastricht University, Netherlands). My projects make use of ultra-high resolution 7T structural and functional MRI in patients with Parkinson's disease.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/i/s/b.r.isaacs/b.r.isaacs.html

Anne Trutti

I am a PhD student working on model-based cognitive neuroscience projects with Bernhard Hommel (Leiden University, Netherlands) as my co-supervisor. My projects make use of ultra-high resolution 7T structural and functional MRI of small subcortical nuclei involved in decision-making processes.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/t/r/a.c.trutti/a.c.trutti.html

Josephine Groot

I am PhD student jointly supervised by Birte Forstmann and Matthias Mittner (UiT - The Arctic University of Norway). My research focuses on the neural mechanisms of mind wandering using 3T and 7T (f)MRI in combination with cognitive modeling and machine learning.
My UvA profile and contact information: https://www.uva.nl/en/profile/g/r/j.m.groot/j.m.groot.html

Niek Stevenson

I am a PhD student interested in the joint modelling of decision-making by combining behavioral and neural data. My research aims to find common processes across different decision-making tasks.

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